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With Dennis Klocek

The four elements theory, the foundation for many concepts in Biodynamics, has its roots in Rosicrucian alchemical principles. To Rosicrucian alchemists the work with plants, minerals and other natural substances was not only intended to create changes in physical nature but also to allow the formative patterns to infuse the worker with spiritual insight about the significance of life on earth. The union of the soul of the worker and the soul of the earth was the ultimate goal of this alchemical path. Join us in an exploration of the history, methodology and meditative significance of the Rosicrucian thread in Biodynamics.

Dennis Klocek, Founder of the Coros Institute, dedicated to dialogue between individuals in the sciences, the arts and business with a commitment to spiritual values arising from the contemplative life; Director, Consciousness Studies at Rudolf Steiner College, CA ; international lecturer; author of many books including, Climate, The Soul of the Earth; The Seer‘s Handbook; and Drawing from the Book of Nature. For audio lectures, articles and art prints see

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Event Details
Frey Vineyards
14000 Tomki Rd
Redwood Valley , CA
United States
Fri, 01/04/2013 -
9:00am to 5:00pm