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Instructor: Tony Robson ("Farmer Tony")

This is a hands on class to learn the foundation of biodynamic gardening: The Preparations.  We will talk about all of them and use one or two of them in a practical application.  Learn why these are integral to bringing about balance and healing harmony to the land. Numbered 500 through 508 these are the pro-biotic inoculants, handed down to us by Rudolph Steiner over eighty years ago.  Their purpose was then, and is now, to heal and revitalize the earth.  The BD Preps are practical for use on a farm or in your own back yard. 

Join us as we mix/spray and or apply one or more Bio Dynamic preparations and learn how to secure your own BD Preps.

Note: Materials including preps will be supplied.

Please sign in with the volunteers at the door.

$15 fee is payable with cash or check. (Make checks out to  Valley Permaculture Alliance).

Event Details
Phoenix , AZ
United States
Sat, 02/16/2013 -
9:30am to 11:00am