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Basics of Biodynamic Gardening 2013:
This series of workshops will give a basic practical foundation in Biodynamic gardening, and enough of a background to participate in the Individuality of the Farm course.
April 7 1-4pm- Starting Seeds in the Greenhouse: Learn about the four elements (earth, water, air and warmth) and how to balance them in the greenhouse with soil mixing and container selection, watering tools and techniques, ventilation considerations, and temperature control. We will also discuss the basics of working with planetary rhythms in the Biodynamic planting calendar.
May 5 1-4pm- Soil Care and Horn Manure: Get your hands dirty when we look at how to prepare soil for planting. We will discuss what impact various hand and field tools have on the life in different types of soil, as well as different techniques for improving fertility. We will discuss and demonstrate using the Biodynamic Horn Manure preparation, and those who wish, can stay after for the one hour stir and spray of the preparation.
June 9 1-4pmGarden Crops and Horn Silica: We will look at crop selection and rotation, cover cropping, garden layout, planting tools and techniques, weed management, insect and disease issues. Bring your garden map to talk about options. We will also discuss and demonstrate the use of the Biodynamic Horn Silica preparation.
July 7 1-4pm Seed Saving: Learn the basic skills for saving your own vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. We will discuss considerations around isolation distancing/timing, rouging, and preventing inbreeding depression. We will look at and get to try simple ways of harvesting and cleaning different seed crops. We will see how our local Seeds of Transition seed growers network explores the social aspect of seeds.
August 11 1-4pmCreating Compost: We will discuss the life of a compost pile, and learn about ingredients and applications of different types of compost. We will also introduce the Biodynamic compost preparations and how to use them.

These are rain or shine events, so please come dressed for the weather, and have footwear that can get wet or muddy. Fee: $40/workshop, or $150 for all 5.

For more information visit or contact Cory Eichman at or 519-369-3567

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Saugeen School for Sacred Agriculture Durham , ON
Sun, 04/07/2013 -
12:00pm to 3:00pm