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An Introduction to Biodynamics

This learning program prepares participants to apply basic concepts and fundamental principles of biodynamics to farming and gardening.


These classes take place on 10 Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm from April through November. This active learning program focuses on biodynamic principles with practical hands-on experience and innovative projects. 

Who is Teaching?

Rosemary Tayler has a background in Education (BSc) in both pure science (MSc) and alternative medicine, in particular, homeopathy. In 1992, she founded the Ottawa School of Homeopathy where she taught and ran a full-time clinic with senior homeopaths until 2000. Since then, she has branched out in her interests and devoted time and energy to community gardening, oil painting and local food markets. For the past five years, she has studied and applied biodynamic and homeopathic learning to farming and gardening.

Kathryn Aunger along with Aric and Mary Anne Aguonie are the owners of Earth Haven Farm, which was purchased in 2006 and became Demeter Certified Biodynamic in 2008. They are committed to advanced learning and application of the biodynamic teachings they have received from numerous lectures, conferences, courses and books.

Location - Earth Haven Farm

Outreach Support

This program is offered with outreach support from the Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening in Ontario

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Course Curriculum

April 21 - A Look at the Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925): The Science Behind Biodynamics. How Steiner viewed science and agriculture with an introduction to Goethean observation.

May 5 - Exploring the Character of Your Farm or Garden: How intelligence is generated within plants, animals, the soil and the land.

May 26 - The Big Picture: The Cosmos and Life Forces: Paying attention to the solar, lunar and planetary rhythms within and beyond the zodiac has direct benefits in planting, pruning, weeding and tending your garden.

June 24 - Soil Science: Calcium and silica, clay and humus, sulfur and potassium, soil chemistry the way Rudolf Steiner saw it.

July 21 - Timing is Everything: Exploring the planting calendar, rhythms of the year and the four elements within the zodiac.

August 11 - The Four Elements: The Backbone of Nature. Learning to perceive the elements in everything we do. A farmer’s meditation.

September 8 - The Value of Compost: A look at the microbial world and how soil is made.

September 29 - BD Preparations: Understanding how these basic preparations are created and applied to enliven plants and soil.

October 20 - Food Vitality - Putting It All Together: A review of biodynamic principles and applications. Understanding "vitality.”

November 17 - Ourselves and Each Other: Becoming biodynamic farmers or gardeners and creating the sense of community that connects us all.

Prerequisite: Students must have previous farming or gardening experience.

Course References: Agriculture, by Rudolf Steiner. Stella Naturaa Biodynamic Agricultural Planting Guide and Calendar for 2013, by Sherry Wildfeuer (Editor).

Agriculture TextDetails

Course Fee: $495 (no refunds after first class)

Textbooks: $45.00 + course fee. Purchase on your own or borrow.

Housekeeping: Bring your own lunch, plate, cup and cutlery.

Course Mentor: Hamo Hammond

Teachers: Rosemary Tayler and Kathryn Aunger

Registration & Car pools: (Contact Us)

Deadline for Registration: April 15, 2013

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Earth Haven Farm ON
Sun, 04/21/2013 -
10:00am to 4:00pm