18th annual Conference 

February 28 - March 4, 2019

Memorial Hall, Hotchkiss, Colorado 

The Fellowship of Preparation Makers is a collegial group of farmers, preparation makers, and biodynamic activists. The Fellowship holds an annual educational conference, conducts research, and provides advisory and consultative support to major biodynamic organizations to carry out our mission of ensuring high quality and sufficient quantity of biodynamic preparations in North America. The Fellowship welcomes preparation makers, farmers, gardeners, viticulturalists, orchardists, and anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of biodynamic agriculture “So that the Earth may be healed” .

Conference Fees

Pre-conference, Main, & Post Conference-$250/260

Main Conference only - $200/210

Pre-conference Day only - $50/60

Post Conference day only-$25/35

Ability to pay should not deter conference attendance.

Please contact Pat Frazier if you need assistance with fees. Work trade options are available. Scholarships are available through Valley Organic Growers Association. Visit their webpage atwww.vogaco.org

Complete Brochure ~ BD Prep Makers Conference

The Head and Heart of the Biodynamic Farm Organism Our preparation study will focus on the Head represented by BD#505, Oak Bark Preparation, and the Heart represented by BD#504, Nettle Preparation. The study will be spread over the conference and include a sensory evaluation of BD#505 and BD#504 preparations contributed by preparation makers around the country. Lectures will describe harvesting, preparing plants and sheaths, proper burial times and sites, traditional use in the compost pile, additional uses and regional differences of plant materials and sheaths. Making Formative Forces Visible The Fellowship of Preparation Makers has undertaken a study of quality evaluation of the biodynamic preparations. An aspect of this study has been an exploration of Chromatography. The method of Chromatography as described by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer in “Chromatography Applied to Quality Testing”(1984) has been utilized to assess quality of soils and compost, food, medicines, and wine by researchers throughout the world. In practicum and interpretation sessions, we will be guided to make chromatograms, and begin to learn the principles of interpretation on samples of BD#500 from across the North American Continent. 

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Mountain West
Community Event
Meeting / Gathering
Hotchkiss , CO
Thu, 02/28/2019 (All day) to Mon, 03/04/2019 (All day)