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Southern SAWG Conference Mini course #2

Applying Biodynamic Principles to Your Farm

Instructors: Laura Riccardi Lyvers, Biodynamic Agricultural Resources (KY), and Philip Lyvers, Lyvers Farm (KY).

Biodynamics is often seen as a mysterious quasi-science, yet thousands of farmers around the world use biodynamic principles to farm more sustainably. Two farmers will explain the practical and the esoteric aspects of biodynamics. Using experiences from their own food production and practices on two very different farms as examples, they will provide both an introduction to biodynamics and a deepening of "Biodynamic Thinking."  Participants will learn how to use the biodynamic preparations, why they are used, and what it means to create a farm organism. There will be plenty of time for questions to help you understand how to apply biodynamics to your own farm. Laura runs the biodynamic program for Foxhollow Farm, which uses only biodynamic and organic practices to raise grass fed beef on 700 acres of pasture. Philip runs Lyvers Farm, a large-scale grain and livestock farm, using biodynamic and organic practices to raise hogs without antibiotics, vaccines, hormones or wormers, and crops without soluble fertilizer. Together they raise their own food supply biodynamically, producing meats, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, medicinal & culinary herbs and flowers.

Event Details
Southern SAWG Conference Mini course #2 Mobile , AL
United States
Thu, 01/16/2014 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm