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Bee Guardians with Corwin Bell  

May 26 & 27, Saturday, Sunday 
10am -2pm each day 
cost- each day $100

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Lunches are all Pot Luck ~ please bring a simple dish to share.

Session l Workshop May 13,Saturday

Session ll Workshop - May 14, Sunday

Session I : This class is for those just getting started. We will cover basic bee ecology, how the bees communicate with each other in the hive, explain why bees are a super-organism, and the importance of honeybee genetic diversity. you will learn how to set up the hive for bees, obtaining bees, catching a swarm and getting the bees into the hive. You will learn the reasoning behind treatment-free, natural beekeeping (it may surprise you). We will demonstrate how to work with the bees in an altruistic, gentle manner so that a symbiotic relationship is formed with the bees. And if there are combs to harvest, we will demonstrate how to harvest and process honeycomb.

Session II: This class is for the bee guardian who has taken the beginner class and has a colony of bees. In this class you will learn an in-depth working relationship with the bees. The class will cover a deeper understanding of the intimate workings of the colony and the brood nest, so that the bee guardian can confidentially work their hive and feel comfortable with interacting with the bees. We will cover queen-less hives, over wintering, processing all comb types and spring harvesting.

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Mountain West
Community Event
Carbondale , CO
United States
Sun, 05/13/2018 (All day) to Mon, 05/14/2018 (All day)