Biodynamic Apiculture
‘Healing the planet through apiculture’
Green Gulch Farm, CA
April 22, 2017; 9am – 4pm
The rising annual mortality rate of honeybees, currently close to 50 percent, demonstrates the urgent need to shift towards wholeness in beekeeping. As wild honeybees survive in non-managed ecosystems and nest sites, they represent a resource for new strategies for contemporary apiculture and a fundamental shift in bee stewardship. This workshop will explore the bio-dynamics of the nature of honeybees, introduce bee- centric models of bee conservation and will provide a framework for rewilding beekeeping. Michael will illustrate this approach with examples from current bee restoration and rewilding projects and provide resources to integrate bee-centric strategies into ‘backyard apiaries’. Open to all levels of beekeeping and bee-lovers.
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West Coast
Community Event
Green Gulch Farm CA
Sun, 04/22/2018 (All day)