Biodynamic Astronomy: 

Working with Biodynamic Planting Calendars Click here to sign up for this class

Cost - $60 

 February 21, Wednesday, 6-9:00pm

Ever wonder what phase of the moon is more beneficial for planting or harvest? Or what the optimal dates and times are for applying Biodynamic preparations? Biodynamic consultant, Lloyd Nelson & Brook Levan will lead this three-hour journey to help you better understand the planetary influences on plant growth and help you formulate your own planting calendar for the 2017 growing season. Learn how to read and interpret Biodynamic planting calendars. Discover the optimum days and time to plant seeds, to cultivate, to harvest and store your crops. The Stella Natura, Maria Thun, and Keats Biodynamic calendars will be reviewed and used for the course.

Event Details
Mountain West
Community Event
Sustainable Settings Carbondale , CO
Wed, 02/21/2018 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm