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April 28, 2018, 9a-5p

Biodynamic Compost Fertility Management

with Harald Hoven

Deepen your understanding of biodynamic principles in compost fertility management. Whether you are a backyard gardener or a large-scale farmer, you will better manage the plants you grow when you look at compost as a living being and as a part of your life.

Biodynamic Lifestyle Series

September 2017 - June 2018

This series is held one Saturday a month for 10 months from 9a-5p, with topics including biodynamic preparations, medicinal plant cultivation and remedies, beekeeping, compost fertility, seed saving, animal husbandry, cosmic rhythms and planting calendars, spring planting, plant pathology, and seasonal cooking and food preservation. The series is designed as a whole, but workshops can also be attended individually. Each workshop offers something for everyone, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

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Upcoming workshops in this series are:

May 5, 2018, 9a-5p

Biodynamic Plant Pathology: An Introduction to Disease Prevention and Pest Management through Plant and Soil Vitality

with Cyndi Pointer and Bradley Tonnessen, Ph.D

Learn how to prevent disease and pests through biodynamic cover cropping, crop rotation, and other management techniques. We will discuss how disease occurs, why pests are present, and practical biodynamic techniques to support the health of the farm organism.

(10) June 2, 2018, 9a-5p

Biodynamic Seasonal Nutrition and Cooking

with Cyndi Pointer

Support yourself in the coming months by learning food preservation techniques and how to plan and time your summer, so that nutrient-dense biodynamic food you grow can support you y

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West Coast
Community Event
Rudolf Steiner College Fair Oaks , CA
United States
Sat, 04/28/2018 (All day)