March 16, Wednesday 10am-4pm  $120

Bring a picnic lunch, take home 1 gallon of tree paste, bring a bucket!
to register, call 970-963-6107 or email

Includes one gallon of BD tree paste to take home for your own fruit trees. Bring:  gloves, a 5 gallon bucket, old paint brush and/or scrub brush, sun hat water bottle, dress for any kind of weather. This hands on workshop will include making and using Biodynamic Tree Paste for deciduous, pruned and exhausted trees. Tree paste does wonders for the health of trees, but it also practically demonstrates the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the trunk of a tree being likened to an elongated mound of earth, upon which plants (leaves) grow: “There is an intimate relationship between what is within the contours of a plant, and the soil surrounding the plant. It is not at all true that life stops at the plant’s perimeter. Life as such continues on, namely from the roots of the plant into the soil, and for many plants there is no sharp dividing line between life inside them and the life in their surroundings. Soil that is permeated with humus like substances in the processes of decomposition, actually contains living ether … something etheric and alive, this means it is on the way to becoming a kind of plant sheathing. It just doesn’t go as far as to become the kind of sheathing that draws itself into the bark of a tree.”– Rudolf Steiner, Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture, Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, 1993 Tree paste nourishes the tree through its bark and cambium (the ever growing layer under the bark), so it is applied to the bark of trees rather than the soil. Tree paste seals and heals pruning wounds, fills crevices where pests can over-winter and it is also highly effective in ridding trees of scale, borer, and disease infestations. Even if you have already pruned your trees, this tree paste is still beneficial to apply at this time.

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