March 1 — June, 2022: nonresidential introductory guided study
June 20 — July 2, 2022: first residential intensive
August, 2022 — June, 2023: nonresidential guided study and independent research project
June 19 — July 1, 2023: concluding residential intensive

Core Faculty: Craig Holdrege, Henrike Holdrege, Jon McAlice, John Gouldthorpe

This program offers the challenge and the opportunity to move beyond the static, object-like abstractions of contemporary thought toward a fluid, transformative way of perceiving and thinking. When we begin to apprehend the dynamic and relational nature of the world, we embark on a scientific pathway to its living qualities. Nature begins to show herself in surprising new ways, and our connection to her deepens.

With the will to learn from the phenomena, we can develop what Goethe called “delicate empiricism.” This demands practice and the willingness to confront ingrained habits of thought that prevent us from experiencing nature as creative activity. Overcoming such habits and developing new flexible ways of seeing and thinking are not matters of surface change. They call for an in-depth transformation, something this program aims to facilitate.

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