Biodynamic Famers Delmar McComb and Carin Fortin and 'The Koberwitz Impulse" - an important current in anthroposophy

Local Santa Cruz Biodynamic Famers
Carin Fortin
Delmar McComb

The Koberwitz Impulse:

Exploring some of the less considered aspects of the Agriculture Lectures and how they contribute to the richness of Anthroposophy

October 2021 Monthly Branch Meeting

Tuesday, October 26

7:30 PM

The branch will meet in person at the
Resource Center for NonViolence,
612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

The event will also be presented live on Zoom, with opportunity for Zoom participants to be included in the Q & A.

Local Santa Cruz branch members are encouraged to attend in person, our first such opportunity since the Covid lockdown in 2020.  

(subject to COVID-19 restrictions as per below)




The Agriculture Lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave towards the end of his life in Koberwitz have given rise to a world-wide movement in farming and gardening which continues to grow to this day. This “Koberwitz Impulse”, as it has come to be referred to by many in the Biodynamic movement, is at its foundation a cultural impulse that is rooted in the Will.


And far more than just an approach to farming based in Anthroposophical insights, the lectures can be looked upon as a seminar that asks humans to be conscious participants in the evolution of the earth and her kingdoms.


Subjects explored will include the task of transforming matter into Light; the Philosopher’s Stone and the evolution of humankind; Resurrection forces in the farm organism; the connections between cultured soil and the Etheric Christ; and how a deep understanding of rhythm will transform our world.


Carin Fortin, co-owner of Blossom’s farm and Blossom’s farm store & coffee shop, herb farmer, herbalist and teacher, is a student of Biodynamics and Anthroposophy, a member of the Circle of representatives, the planning committee of the international Biodynamic conference in Dornach, Switzerland, a member of the US Agriculture Section, served many years as BDANC (Biodynamic Association of Northern California) steering committee member and as BDANC newsletter editor. Carin also served as Santa Cruz Monterey Bay Anthroposophical Society branch core group member in the past.

Delmar McComb has been a student of Anthroposophy and Biodynamics for 30+ years. He is co-owner of Blossom’s Farm and Blossom’s Farmstore and Coffee Shop in Corralitos with his life partner Carin. He is a member of the Agriculture Section of America, and has served on the Steering committee of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California along with the Core Group of the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. Besides the aforementioned passions, another is singing opera where he has performed many lead roles as a tenor over the past 25 years.


We are hoping that we will be able to see many of our friends at our first in-person branch meeting since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As guests of the Resource Center for Nonviolence, we will be subject to the Santa Cruz City and County health department restrictions they operate under. At this time, this includes a reduced density requirement of 50% of normal capacity – which means that we will be meeting in the larger hall – and also, of course, that masks will be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status, excepting speakers while presenting.

A Donation will be requested at the event:

$10 for current paid branch members

$20 otherwise


Participating by Zoom? The requested Donation is $5 for current paid branch members, $10 otherwise.  
Payment is requested in advance of the event, paid online here.



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Tue, 10/26/2021 (All day)