How do we repair generational wounds that haven’t yet been healed? What tools exist to mend rifts between cultures, genders, families and in ourselves?

By sharing the values and traditions that Jerry Tello inherited from his grandmother (spending mornings in quiet contemplation and prayer, talking to her plants, watering them and using them on her family when they were sick), we will navigate how to incorporate and pass on values and traditions to the next generation. Our dialogue will also address those in disenfranchised populations dealing with a society that is often invalidating, unwelcoming, and even fatal.

Join us in exploring how traditions and cultural medicine can actually be a profound source of strength, healing, and repair in addressing divides in our culture/s. Explore how we can lift up the power of these positive medicines, tap the deep wisdom of our own culture/s, and heal our individual wounds along with society’s. And, ultimately, transform our traditions and access them as conduits for healing and interrupting wounded patterns.

Despite mainstream society’s false narrative that one’s value is based on monetary means, personal success, and power – join us in uncovering how each person’s rooted knowing that they are a blessing and have a sacred purpose can lead to recovery, discovery, and an uncovering of the Sacred in all our relations. 

Event Details
West Coast
Thu, 09/09/2021 -
10:00am to 12:00pm