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Biodynamic Workshops at the Guelph Organic Conference: 

  1. Friday, January 26, 1:15-4:15pm - Dr Uli Johannes König, Forschungsring e.V., Darmstadt, Germany on “Biodynamic Agriculture – International Scientific Research”

The foundation of biodynamic agriculture is the concept of a closed farm organism. In a biodynamic farm organism, animals, diversity of crop rotation, and the application of the biodynamic preparations are essential, leading to a very diverse and special way of farming. As a result, soil fertility and food quality are often higher compared to other forms of agriculture.

Since the sixties there has been intensive scientific work done on special biodynamic issues like soil fertility, compost, biodynamic preparations, food quality, and other topics. During this workshop, an overview of the results will be presented.

Dr. Uli Johannes Koenig, Head of Research on Biodynamic Preparations, Compost and Cultivation Substrates at the Forschungsring, Darmstadt, Germany. His main focus areas are biodynamic preparations, soil fertility and compost management.

  1.  Saturday, January 27 10:45-12pm - Scott Jones of Southbrook Vineyards and Matthew Boughner of Tawse Winery, on “Biodynamic Preparations in the Vineyard”  

Viticulture may be the form of agriculture least suited to biodynamics, yet the one most in need of it! Learn why adding grape growing to your operation may be beneficial. Explore the role and importance of biodynamic preparations in the vineyard. Other topics that the speakers may incorporate will be: animal husbandry in the vineyard; encouraging biodiversity from within and without; growing from monoculture to polyculture; the challenge of fertility; pest management; and working with the biodynamic planting calendar.

  1. Sunday, January 28, 9-10:30am - Dr Uli Johannes König, Forschungsring e.V., Darmstadt, Germany on “Interconnected Diversity on a Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamic Agriculture needs a special way of thinking about the farm organism, and the consequences and meaning each different part has in the interaction with the whole. But there is more. We also have to realize that there are overall organizing forces that keep all parts of the farm organism together, and lead to a so-called self-organizing process of the singular farm. This is the opposite of modern global thinking of uniformity. All over the world, biodynamic farms show this healthy quality of “organic” thinking.  It impacts soil, landscape development, animal health, socio-economic solutions (e.g. CSA), human welfare, and much more.

  1. Sunday 1030am – 2pm, UC335 (3rd Floor of the Guelph University Centre), A “Meet and Greet” co-hosted by the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Society of Ontario and Demeter Canada

Uli Johannes Koenig 1030am-12 noon – Based at the Research Center for International Bio-Dynamic Economics (Forschungsring für Biologisch-Dynamische Wirtschaftsweise e.V.), Uli Johannes Koenig has specialized in soil fertility, compost, and the biodynamic preparation making since 1989. A presenter at the conference, he will be available for questions and discussion at this time.

Demeter Canada Board Member Uli Hack and Demeter Canada Administrator Laurie McGregor 12 noon – 2 pm – Staff from Demeter Canada -- the certifier for biodynamic farms in Canada – will be available to provide one-on-one information, answer questions, and discuss requirements for a farmer or producer to be able to term their product “biodynamic” in the marketplace. 

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