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“Catching the Wave,” the thirty-third annual Guelph Organic Conference, will be held this year January 30-February 2. Among the highlights will be a Friday evening keynote and Sunday afternoon workshop by Angelic Organics founder and farmer John Peterson. Farmer John’s dramatic story is portrayed in the film, “The Real Dirt on Farmer John,” and the success the Angelic Organics team as biodynamic producers, educators, and social innovators is known internationally. Located an hour or so northwest of Chicago on the Wisconsin border in Rockton, Illinois you can learn more about their life and work at

The Friday night Keynote Forum ($15/person + HST) will be at held at Thornbrough Auditorium just across from UC building on the Guelph campus. The title is, “Can We Put the Culture Back into Agriculture - or is it lost?” and is advertised as “an entertaining analysis of critical issues in agriculture today.” Farmer John will co-present that evening with Richard Hill, a Six Nations story-teller.

Farmer John’s Sunday afternoon workshop is entitled, “What if...? The Farm as a Social Organism.” He describes the session as follows:
“Farms represent the possibility for social and cultural renewal. How can this warm upbuilding occur given the separateness that so many feel today?  How do we bridge the gulf between the self and the other so that we can flourish as a community? In this participatory workshop, Biodynamic farmer, author, social artist and star of the feature documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John will share from his 40+ year inquiry into the social, cultural and architectural dimension of agriculture. We'll explore who we are to one another, and how to join hands on the farm. We'll examine how the built spaces on the farm can help us come together in more vital and imaginative ways. Is there a social wave we can catch today to help community flourish, or is it up to us to make that wave? Farmer John will provide a look at waves, waves that are and waves that were. He's also going to investigate a wave that never was...but what if it had actually been?”

The Sunday morning biodynamic workshop on “The Farm Individuality” will be given by Cory Eichman of Saugeen River CSA, near Durham.

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Canada, Eastern
Guelph , ON
Thu, 01/30/2014 (All day) to Sun, 02/02/2014 (All day)