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MAKING BARREL COMPOST -Rescheduled from May 21-

Saturday June 18, 10am-1

White Rose Farm, 5009 Teeter Road, Taneytown, MD

Workshop $25 which includes one unit (application of covers 1 acre) of Barrel Compost

already made by JPI or CBDN for your home use

Co-Sponsored by White Rose Farm & Chesapeake Biodynamic Network (CBDN) &

Spiritual Foods for the New Millenium(SFNM) -Workshop led by Abigail Porter

Held in remembrance of BD Farmer Sally Voris

Hope to see you there!

Additional info about Barrel Compost:

Barrel Compost (BC) is made with cow manure, paramagnetic basalt, and finely crushed organic eggshells that are mixed together for one hour to potentize. It is then put into a barrel or brick-lined pit and biodynamic compost preparations (502-507) are inserted. The mixture composts for 3-6 months. This is a highly concentrated compost material that increases fertility and stimulates plant growth.

Barrel Compost preparation was developed in Germany by biodynamic pioneer and researcher, Maria Thun, in collaboration with bio-chemist Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, to mitigate the effects of radioactive fallout from the above ground atomic bomb testing in the 1940s and 50s. It is useful when access to BD compost is limited and when plants are under stress. It should not be regarded as a long-term substitute for properly made BD compost but is a good way to get all the preps out early before regular compost is ready.

One-third cup of transformed barrel compost is stirred for 20 minutes with 2.5 or more gallons of water for one acre or less, and sprayed out on the garden or farm. We will be vortex stirring pre-made BC and applying it to the garden following making BC and getting it into the pit

Bio: Abigail Porter grew up on the family biodynamic dairy farm with her mother, Josephine Porter, who started making biodynamic preparations after attending a biodynamic conference in Spring Valley, NY, in 1947. Her mother supplied the preparations nationally to farmers and gardeners from 1956 until her passing in 1984. Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics was founded in 1985 by Hugh Courtney who had apprenticed with her for seven years to honor her contribution to biodynamics and to ensure that preparations would continue to be available. Abigail served on the board of Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics (JPI) for five years (2011-2016) and was co-editor of JPI periodical Applied Biodynamics from 2011 through 2021 . She consults, mentors, and gives workshops in beginning biodynamics for backyard gardeners. Abby Porter 304-258-4410

For more information on Barrel Compost, also called Cow Pat Pit see:

What Maria Thun has to say about her Barrel Compost

Barrel Compost: Bringing Harmony to the Farm, ACRES USA Article

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White Rose Farm Taneytown , MD