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Nutrition - a creative process

Tracing the paths of transformation

International Nutrition Conference at the


(English, German, French)

1st – 3rd of May 2014


Nutrition is transformation: from cultivating, processing and preparing food, to eating and digesting – it is a process of continuous movement and change. This process leads from the living earth to plants, animals and finally man. Each step along the way from soil to man transforms the previous substance into something new. These often alchemical processes of transformation form the essential quality of nutrition. How can we become more conscious of these transformative processes and shape them constructively in our everyday nutrition? How can we convert the original substance that is contained in plant and animal products in a way that leads to true refinement?

Alongside a deepening of these questions, the conference also aims to connect individuals and nutrition initiatives from different countries. Cooperative workshops using dialogue methods will be used to enhance the exchange amongst the participants. The conference is open to all interested individuals and will be trilingual. Workshops will be held in various languages.

Sektion für Landwirtschaft am Goetheanum

Event Details
International - outside North America
Goetheanum Dornach
Thu, 05/01/2014 (All day) to Sat, 05/03/2014 (All day)