The Being of John the Baptist is of a singular significance for the anthroposophical life of the present and the future.

No wonder that in the very last lecture that R. Steiner ever gave (the so called  “Last Address”, given on 9.28.1924), he gives this personality the central place, as though he would want to give one last indication on who could be indispensable for the future development of Anthroposophy on earth after his own crossing of the threshold.

And yet the reasonable question can be raised whether we as individual anthroposophists or we as an Anthrop. Society as a whole have nevertheless forgotten him. Might that forgetting explain some of the lack of effectiveness that the Society and us as anthroposophists experience in tackling the problems of the times? Let see if we can start on a path to remedy the situation!

The four (now three) webinars – the last one including a group conversation for those who attend the live session – are meant to replace our usual Fall Conference which cannot take place in person due to travel restrictions and more.

The good news is that this may allow the participants to avoid the travel and other cost burdens; the bad news is not to have the camaraderie and joy of meeting in person, doing eurythmy and such.

Registration for the 3 webinars is as a group.

  • Webinar 10/14, 7:30 PM CDT: John the Baptist Today (Webinar 2) (continuing from the previous webinar and expanding to some practical aspects)
  • Webinar 10/16, 7:30 PM CDT: John the Baptist Today (Webinar 3) The Laws of Metamorphosis – The Language of the Christ
  • Webinar 10/17, 10:00 AM CDT: John the Baptist today (Webinar 4) The Trinity Principle in Anthroposophic Medicine;
Event Details
Wed, 10/14/2020 -
7:30pm to 9:00pm