What we're proposing is to strike a harmonic chord among eager ecosystem restorers and living Indigenous communities ready to right the wrongs of history.

ERC folks restoring settler colonial properties without facing the historical significance of the genocide that got us here, may stumble. Indigenous people attempting to return forests, meadows and rivers to their carefully tended condition before contact may need help. Many in both "camps" are urban with skills to learn in the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) tradition.

Learning to work together with respect is our context, our challenge, and the historic moment where we find ourselves. It's epic! We've got to get it right this time.

Intentions for the Day:

  1. Discuss ideas for Building Relationships and Developing Trust among Indigenous communities and Ecosystem Restoration camp community allies
  2. Learn from inspirational guest speakers Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy (Hupa, Yurok, Karuk) and Gregg Castro (t'rowt'raahl Salinan/rumsien-ramaytush Ohlone)
  3. Explore the practical applications of decolonizing ourselves and our organizations
  4. Imagine what it would take to form an advisory committee for camp communities and a consultation service on relationship building -- including how Indigenous advisors's time is valued
  5. Discover the opportunity to sign up for a 12-week course (offered 3 X per year) where people explore their relationship to colonization and learn authentic relationship-building on unceded occupied lands
  6. Network to form and grow camp communities that include alliances with Indigenous communities and support efforts already underway
Event Details
Sat, 02/27/2021 -
9:00am to 5:00pm