The Anthropocene and the accelerating extinction of life on earth are a wake-up call for a fundamental shift of apiculture and of being on earth.

LocApiary is a local watershed apiary and an initiative that follows a symbiotic narrative and a vision for the collaboration of landscape, honeybees & humans.  The framework of LocApiary follows the natural life gestures of honeybees and integrates cutting edge research in life sciences and traditional practices. In the life world of connectivity, the well-being of one is enmeshed in the well-being of others. We will explore collaborative strategies for beekeepers and conservationists, and learn about ways to rehabiliate life cylces and nest habitat of honeybees and other aspects of a reconciliation ecology.

Michael will share innovative gestures within the biodynamic field of apiculture and various aspects of his work, among them, examples from current rewilding projects, log hive designs and as well as the craft of arboreal apiculture. 

Please join us from your home – without traveling and with a lower carbon footprint. 


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Sat, 03/28/2020 -
10:00am to 12:00pm