During this live stream event, Michael will go step by step through the process of making vertical and horizontal log hives and share lots of video footage, necessary tools, and other resources. This lifestream event will explore various arboreal hive/nest designs and integrate groundbreaking research data and fundamental changes in life sciences as resources for a paradigm shift for apiculture strategies in the Anthropocene.

We also will look at the reemergence of ancient and traditional ways of apiculture, such as the “Zeidler-craft” of caring for bees in living trees. The rewilding of honeybees and nest restoration are becoming increasingly essential for honeybees to survive. As wild bees survive in non-managed ecosystems and nest sites, they represent a resource for new strategies for contemporary apiculture and a fundamental shift in bee stewardship.

This live stream gathering will provide a meeting environment that allows for interactive learning and discussions among participants.  For all levels of beekeeping.

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Event Details
Community Event
Sat, 05/22/2021 -
9:00am to 12:00pm