Are you interested in learning more about sustainable farming? This is your chance to be at the forefront by taking the first university-level course on Biodynamic Agriculture in the United States.

In this course, taught by international biodynamic agriculture expert, Dr. A. Thimmaiah, PhD, you will learn effective methods for carbon sequestration, address climate change, gain farming skills and more.

What is Biodynamic agriculture?

Biodynamic agriculture is an advanced form of organic agriculture. Every farm is treated as a “living organism” where all farm activities are self-supporting, interrelated and influence each other. Biodynamic’s unique practices include:

  • following the lunar rhythms to guide planting and cultivation
  • using herbal preparations for enhancing the composting process
  • spraying specially-aged manure and silica solutions on soil and plants to aid the growth and development of plants

Biodynamic farms are self-sufficient and biologically diverse. Crops and livestock are integrated; nutrients are recycled to nurture the health of the soil, crops, animals, and the farmers. As scientific research over the past two decades has shown, biodynamic agriculture is one of the efficient methods for sequestering carbon, critical to reversing climate change.

Whether you are a student, farmer, amateur gardener, activist, organic food organization, or agriculturally-based organization; this course is for you.

Contact June Humphreys 641-209-7082 for more information. (For reference, this is the 2016 page, 2018 page will be added shortly.)

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Maharishi University of Management Fairfield , IA
Mon, 09/03/2018 (All day)