• MARCH 23-27, 2018 - PAONIA, CO ~ REGISTER
  • The circulation of Life
  • Access “doors” to the impulses of Life
  • Imbalances and pathologies deriving from an incorrect circulation of Life
  • The development of the Earth-Sun and the operational steps to determine its formation
  • The process of going from creatures to creators to bring Life into the inanimate

To register for a seminar, please contact us via email or click on either of the Seminar links above and mail the PDF in to us.

  • Individual Consultations

    There will also be time for individual consultations with Enzo by appointment. These consultations can address environmental or architectural projects, or projects to do with development of agricultural organisms. To sign up for a consultation, please contact us via email as soon as possible.

Event Details
Mountain West
Community Event
Viva la Vida Foundation Paonia , CO
Fri, 03/23/2018 (All day) to Tue, 03/27/2018 (All day)