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We are all concerned with nutrition because we all eat. But what is healthy nutrition and what do we eat?If we look at the world situation, we observe that malnutrition is steadily increasing. Is it enough to see nutrition as the intake of nutrients in the form of food? The essential thing about nutrition is not that the stomach is filled, but that we receive stimulation, says Rudolf Steiner. We want to broaden our view of nutrition together and let this aspect become an experience.

Quality is primarily formed in the field as an alternating relationship between growth and ripening forces. Each plant has its own balance of these forces and forms individual vitality and resistance. Quality depends also on the conditions under which the plant grows and is cultivated. Can nutrition be healthy when the soil on which our food was produced is increasingly losing its fertility? We are exploring which factors are important in the process of creating food so that it promotes our resilience and health.

The online course "Nutrition and Biodynamic Food Quality" is intended as a basic course and developed for all people engaged in the organic and biodynamic agriculture working from farm to fork. It offers insights and experiences of the connections between nutrition, biodynamic quality and a healthy food system. The most important methods and findings in the study of food quality are presented and practiced through different exercises.

We look forward to your participation!

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