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Oregon Biodynamic Group Winter Mtg.

Saturday January 25th - Sunday January, 26th

 At Ruby and Amber's Organic Farm in Dorena, Oregon

Dorena map

75976 Booth Kelly Camp Road, Dorena, OR 97434. 541- 946-1504.

From Interstate 5 in Cottage Grove, Or Exit 174 Row River Road

• Drive east approximately 14 miles on Row River Road

• Stay south of Dorena Reservoir at which time you will be on Shoreview Dr.

• East of the reservoir, Shoreview joins back with Row River Road by a White Covered Bridge

• At mile marker 14, turn right on Wicks Road (at Kirk’s Mercantile store on the right). Cross the bridge and turn right on Booth Kelly Camp Road.

• Drive one half mile and we are on the left

Please come join us for a warm and welcoming weekend as we strive to deepen our study, work and discuss Biodynamics. For our winter study this year, we plan to review The Agriculture Course Lectures 2* and Lecture 7 of "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word". Here we will focus on the rendering of the seed and the important differences Steiner shares from each lecture . Plan on reading these lectures prior to the meeting and try to get a sense for these differences and the way Steiner characterizes this work from both lectures.  Lecture 7 will be posted to the OR BD Group wedsite ( so that we may all have a chance to read and study prior to the mtg.  We would like to spend a good deal of time continuing the strengthening of our group through the understandings gained in our studies as well as taking the time to focus on collective work for 2014!

All are welcomed to attend and are greatly appreciated for their presence.  So please join us new and current members alike!  Please bring a brown bag lunch for Saturday and potluck items for Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch. If planning to spend the night, please RSVP to Kris Woolhouse at 541-946-1504.  Please bring sleeping bags, etc. If needed, additional room for sleeping is available at BD farms close by.  For any other questions or info, call  Andhi Reyna 541-942-5424 or email

Schedule: Saturday, January 25

12:30 pm - Arrive, brown bag lunch

1:30-3pm - Study,   Lectures 2 of the Agriculture Course

3 - 3:30  - Break

3:30 - 5pm - Business Mtg, Part 1:

                         - Announcements and Reports

                         - Annual Report

                         - Conference Reports and Funds Request

                               - Waldorf Education and OR BD Group Collaboration                        

5 - 6:30pm - Potluck supper

6:30-7:30 - Study, Lecture 7 and continuation of earlier study

8pm ---- Music...Socializing. Please bring instruments.  Seed Swap!!  Please bring seeds to share.

Schedule: Sunday, January 26

7:30 - 8:30 - Potluck breakfast

8:30 - 9:45 - Study -Continued Lectures 2 of the Agricultural Course, and Lecture 7, "Man as Symphony..."

9:45 - 10am - Break

10:00 - 12pm - Business Mtg Agenda:    

             -  Planning Spring open house and 2014 mtgs

             -  Elections

                -  remaining/open agenda items   

12pm - 12:30  - Tricks of the Trade and questions that arose from the meeting

12:30 – Lunch

Study*  Lectures 2 from the Agriculture Course, either the translation by George Adams or the one by Malcolm Gardner.  Available from the Biodynamic Association,; phone (888) 816-7797 or (541) 998-0105; fax (541) 998-0106 or free on-line at at /node/23/. 

Also, Lecture 7 from"Man as Symphony of the Creative Word"  - can be found on the website


Fall B.D. Meeting October 5, 2013 Minutes


1.     Beth Wieting brought her new book, available for sale; please contact her at 503-774-8764 if you would like to purchase it.

2.     Wali Via: Next Fellowship of prep. Makers conference is piggyback to the Nov. 2014 National B.D. Conference probably in Kentucky.

3.     Hugh Courtney has left J.P.I. or J.P.I. has left Hugh Courtney more correctly. They are now located in close proximity to the old JPI in Floyd, Va. Preps are still available Phone # 540-745-7033.

4.     A group of BD Educators is forming. Contact the National B.D. Office Phone # 262-649-9212

5.     Brook Peck: Oregon B.D. Group dues are due. Still $10 please send check to Brook Peck,  82048 Territorial Hwy,  Eugene, Or 97405.


1.     Winter meeting 2014. We need a location. Maybe at Kris Woolhouse?  Date Jan. 25 and 26, 2014

2.     March open house. We need to talk about it more at the winter meeting. No date yet. Clay will check about location.

3.     Future plans- conferences? Maybe Jennifer Greene? Andhi will re-connect.

4.     Beth offers 2 lectures “Birds, Bees and Butterflies”. Place? Eugene Waldorf School?

5.     Dave Robison sent in financial statement: We added $2,660.40 during the year, mostly prep. sales. Current balance is $8,100.31

6.     Andhi: suggests adding some new books to our library. Decided to have the librarian (Clay Wesson ) select titles and give him a budget of $ 300,-- this year.  Also appropriated $ 1000,-- advance for book sales at events, to be handled by librarian. Beth Wieting is willing her BD. books to the group.

7.     Traci from Mother Earth School in Portland has been to a meeting of the BD Educators group at Spikenard Bee Sanctuary. Next meeting will be at the National BD Conf in Louisville, KY Nov. 2014.

8.     Paul Shaw (509-341-4558) demonstrated a new weeding tool run by battery. Cost $ 600.

9.     Additionally approved during prep. burial by a committee consisting of Wali Via, Terry Peck, Heike-Marie Eubanks and others: Appropriate $ 10 for each elk bladder that Orchid Jones could provide up to $100.

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West Coast
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Dorena , OR
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Sat, 01/25/2014 - 12:00pm to Sun, 01/26/2014 - 1:30pm