About the Organic Seed Growers Conference 

The Organic Seed Growers Conference is a biennial gathering by and for agroecological seed communities in the U.S. across the world. The event creates spaces where experienced and emerging seed stewards can convene timely conversations, educational trainings, and strategy sessions. The gathering serves as a conduit for making new connections and catching up with old friends, networking across organic seed communities, sharing knowledge with other participants, and celebrating the growing movement. Organizers curate a conference agenda that reflects the multifaceted needs of seed growers and advocates, no matter the ease or discomfort of the topics. The goal of the Organic Seed Growers Conference is to inspire individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses to take actions that support and improve the integrity of the philosophical and practical systems that make up the organic seed movement and trade. 

The 2022 conference will be held virtually on the Organic Seed Commons platform and include both live and pre-recorded content, and plenty of opportunities for participants to network and skill-share with one another. The conference is the largest organic seed event in the U.S. and will be an all-virtual event for the first time, providing a nine-day agenda of demonstrations, farm tours, lightning talks, art, regional meetups, regional/topical/affinity synergy spaces, keynote presentations, and celebration.

Event Details
Community Event
02/04/2022 to 02/11/2022