Facing the Horizon

It’s where the earth meets the sky. Where the soil shows the workings of time. Where the reality of the present meets the possibility of the future. The horizon beckons us to uncharted waters, echoes the limits of our perspective while reassuring us that a new day awaits. It’s where our knowledge and experience find the edges beyond which we tip into the unknown.

Some horizons offer us beauty and the peace of life’s rhythms, as the sun rises in the morning and illuminates what is familiar; as seeds grow and set fruit and our children age into adults with graying hair. But other horizons require more, and can give more.

By intentionally facing these horizons, we find new connections and inspiration, spark new ideas and see old challenges as approachable opportunities. By facing our horizons, we can expand them.

It has been said that those who keep their eyes on the horizon will find the right path. At the 2022 annual conference, we are “Facing the Horizon” together, seeking new knowledge, broader understanding and unexpected ways to improve our farms and communities.

Event Details
Ames , IA
01/21/2022 to 01/22/2022