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6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
• Heirloom pea, bean and tomato varieties
• Green bean and carrot variety trials
• Pepper breeding project
• Heritage wheat variety screening
• Organic seed production plots
• Tomato taste testing

The Podolls, David, Ginger, Dan, Theresa, Nic and Neil, operate Prairie Road Organic Farm near Fullerton, N.D., as an extended family farm operation. Certified organic since 1977, the Podolls began producing certified organic vegetable seed in 1997 under contract with various certified organic garden seed catalog companies. In addition to contract production, the Podolls now market their seed under their own seed label, Prairie Road Organic Seed.
The family garden has a tradition of selective seedsaving, based on agronomic performance in organic conditions. The Podoll’s use an extensive garden mulching system and have not tilled their garden for over 30 years. Superb eating qualities and reliable ‘workhorse’ varieties are the focus of their garden and seed production. The Podolls have released 7 vegetable varieties bred on their farm for performance and taste by farmer/breeder, David Podoll: Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert squash, Sweet Dakota Rose watermelon, Dakota Tears onion, Dakota Winter onion, Dakota Sport tomato, Wachichu flint corn, and Dakota Black Pop popcorn.
The Podolls have been active NPSAS Farm Breeding Club members conducting variety trials and crop improvement projects involving: wheat, oats, triticale, hairy vetch, sorghum, buckwheat, as well as vegetable crops, including carrots and green beans.

From LaMoure, ND: On the east side of LaMoure turn south onto CR-60 (102nd Ave. S), south six miles to Saint Ansgar’s Church; turn right onto 78th St. SE, 2.5 miles west; turn left, 1 mile south; turn right onto 79th St. SE, 3/4 of a mile west; turn left to arrive at the home of Prairie Road Organic Seed.

From Edgeley, ND: Heading east on ND 13, 14 miles; turn right onto CR-62, south 4 miles; turn left onto 78th St SE, east 3 miles; turn right, south 1 mile; turn left onto 79th St. SE, east 1.25 miles; turn right to arrive at the home of Prairie Road Organic Seed.

From Ellendale, ND: Heading east on ND 11, 5 miles; turn left onto CR-8 (94th Ave. SE), north 17 miles; turn right onto 80th St. SE, 3 miles east; turn left, 1 mile north; turn right onto 79th St. SE, east 1.25 miles; turn right to arrive at the home of Prairie Road Organic Seed.

Free if Pre-Registered by Thursday, October 3 or $15 at the door.
RSVP to the NPSAS office at 701-883-4304 or

Event Details
Meeting / Gathering
Prairie Road Organic Farm
9732 79th St SE
Fullerton , ND
United States
North Dakota
Sat, 10/05/2013 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm