The regenerative food system has evolved dramatically in the two years since the RFSI Forum last gathered in person, and interest around investment in it has also grown. More investments have been executed, new vehicles have been launched, and more people have joined the conversation. Yet the space is still relatively nascent and many questions remain.

Tuesday, September 28th through Wednesday, September 29th

There's SO MUCH to explore together in September. Here's a sneak peek at four of the key themes we will dig into and some of the questions you'll get answered: 

Carbon Markets:

  • Credibility and affordable soil monitoring and carbon sequestration verification are still among the biggest barriers to scaling carbon markets - how will these be overcome?
  • Do carbon credits inform regenerative agriculture investment decisions today?
  • What is needed to drive broad adoption?
  • What role will public policy play?

Supply Chains:

  • What are the current struggles with scaling resilient regional grain supply chains?
  • What are some solutions and replicable models around infrastructure and processing? 
  • What is the investment case for middle-market supply chains?


  • What is the role for technology in advancing regenerative agriculture and food?
  • How are investors evaluating tech investment opportunities?
  • What outcomes are investors seeking and measuring?
  • What are the unique ways that technology is contributing to a new food system?

Consumer Demand:

  • What is the current landscape for consumer products that are regeneratively produced?
  • Can certifications help develop markets and drive consumption of regenerative products?
  • What is the connection between soil and human health and how can it help move regenerative food systems forward?
Event Details
West Coast
Meeting / Gathering
Scottish Rite Center Oakland , CA
Tue, 09/28/2021 (All day) to Wed, 09/29/2021 (All day)