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Sacred Earth & Sky Homesteading workshop is a holistic approach to working with and healing the land using the alchemic approaches of our wise ancestors coupled with modern science and knowledge. This workshop aims to empower each participant with the knowledge, friendship and empowerment be one with the soils and soul of the land and their own inner voice of wisdom and growth.

This will be a hands-on intensive look into the methods and materials used to grow yourself, your own food and learn the sacred arts of healing.  Subjects covered will include:

Seed to Plate Creations and Alchemy

a.    Raw Food, the Art and Science without modern equipment
b.   Preserving and dehydration - with solar, fire, salt and vinegar.  Each participant will creating their own herbal dressing
c.    Understanding Ayurvedic elements - What is Your Dosha & Art and Science of Ayurvedic Gardening

Sacred medicine garden creation

a.       Connecting with you Plant Totem Spirit
b.      Alchemizing a personal medicine from  the land

The art of biodynamic, intuitive and companion plant gardening

a.      natural insect control
b.      the art of soil fertility and composting
c.       biodynamic wisdom and planting by the moon and planets

New View of Love - Powerful inner and community transformational tools

July 13-20, 2013

Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm) and The Magical Forest, Southern Ecuador

Large army style tents and simple adobe cabins - shared accomodations. Outdoor shower and compost toilet.  Simple, healthy meals will be served three times daily including smoothies for breakfast (bike blended).   For those with special diets, we request you contact us for arrangements. There will be a chore wheel for this meal course.

Event Details
International - outside North America
Finca Sagrada
Sun, 07/13/2014 (All day) to Sun, 07/20/2014 (All day)