Septemebr 9 & 10 Keynotes - Plenaries - Breakout Presentations
September 11 Forum - Community Events and After Party
Since 2011 the Biosafety Alliance have been organizing conferences since 2011, starting with the historic Justice Begins with Seeds that supported GMO Labeling campaigns by educating about the environmental hazards of industrial agriculture, highly fueled by the GMO industry. To expanding our work since 2015 with the Soil Not Oil International Conference, in which we have promoted practical soil-based solutions to climate change while restoring ecosystems and reaching environmental justice.
Our conferences have lined up scientists, farmers, elected officials and environmental activists including: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Rattan Lal, Andrew Kimbrell, Wenonah Hauter, Miguel Altieri, David Zuckerman, Adelita San Vicente Tello, Wenonah LaDuke, Miguel Altieri, Starhawk, John Jeavons, Tim LaSalle, Penny Livingston, Paul Kaiser, and hundreds more.
This year the conference will take place on September 9-11 and will showcase agro-ecological practices –regenerative agriculture, no-till/bio-intensive farming, permaculture solutions-, as well as community powered solutions that people in the global south have creatively implemented to adapt and prevent the ecological and social impacts of climate change.
We trust the traditional knowledge of indigenous people and we honor the borderless collaboration among organizations leaded by women, caretakers of the land, elderly, youth and others that not always are fairly represented. This year our goal is to provide a platform in which the voiceless can speak in behalf of their communities on live-streamed presentations.
Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn the root causes, effects and solutions to climate change. We highly recommend it to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, health providers, parents, urban planners and everyone else concerned with life on earth.

Event Details
West Coast
Community Event
Grey Area/Grand Theater San Francisco , CA
Sun, 09/09/2018 (All day) to Tue, 09/11/2018 (All day)