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An Extended CRAFT Event on Weed Control at 2 CRAFT Farms 
Tuesday, August 6th at Trogg's Hollow and Angelic Organics 
Through the CRAFT Steering Committee's work last fall, we are trying a new model with this event: a beginning farmer field day. Come join us as we tour TWO CRAFT farms, learning how a beginning farmer tackles the weed problem on his farm, and then, on the same day, learning how a seasoned farmer approaches those pesky weeds.
August 6th Agenda:
Introductions at Trogg's Hollow. 

10:15am - 12:30pm 
Chris and Marcy Prchal lead demonstrations about hand tools used for cultivation, as well as mowers and till/BCS for weed control, at Trogg's Hollow. Hear from Art Sheele of American Organic, who will be on-site to talk about Trogg's Hollow's future/planned weed control/cover and test plots using cover crops.

Potluck at Trogg's Hollow. Please bring a dish! (And don't forget the sunblock and a water bottle.)

Caravan to Angelic Organics Farm. Maps will be provided for all.

1:30pm-4pm (NOTE: We will reconvene the field day promptly at 1:30pm.)
See demonstrations of mechanical cultivation methods: a wiggle hoe, an Allis weeder, and a GPS system which helps with weed control. Peruse 10 different cultivators from their machinery line. Hear Farmer John talk about weeds, a topic he is very passionate about. He'll cover methods for comprehensive weed control, which includes all sorts of support strategies, such as how to deal with weeds the year prior to growing a crop, stale seedbedding, etc.

Trogg’s Hollow. (Arrive: 10am on August 6th.)
Marcy & Chris Prchal
11577 Poplar Grove Road
Poplar Grove, IL 61065
Angelic Organics Farm (The second farm visited. The field day continues at AO Farm at 1:30pm.)
John Peterson
1547 Rockton Road
Caledonia, IL 61101
Please RSVP by Friday, August 2nd to
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United States
Tue, 08/06/2013 -
10:00am to 4:00pm