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TOP BAR HIVES with Corwin Bell

Beginners April 18 Fri. 10-4 $75
Bee ecology, hive set up, catching a swarm, ordering bees, getting them into the hive
Advanced April 19 Sat. 10-4 $75
Fo r b e e k e e p e r s wh o h ave a t o p b a r h i ve a n d h ave b e e n u s i n g i t fo r a ye a r o r m o re.
Hive Products Apr. 20
Processing all that comes from the hive -- wax methods, making mead with honey, medicinal tinctures and much more
Corwin focuses on enhancing the
bee’s immune system through attentive listening, meditative communing,
right timing
and sustainable methods. He believes the connection
between bees and humankind is symbolic of a broader
between humans and the natural world.
Wonderful classes with an inspired beekeeper.
Event Details
West Coast
Battle Ground , WA
United States
Fri, 04/18/2014 (All day) to Sun, 04/20/2014 (All day)