Understanding the Agriculture Course: A discussion series exploring the foundations of Biodynamics

Offered by the Biodynamic Agricultural College in the United Kingdom

Join us this winter for a four-part webinar series looking at main themes from the Agriculture Course lectures from which biodynamics grew. We've brought together a wide range of biodynamic practitioners with decades of experience to help you take the first steps towards understanding the foundations of biodynamics, or deepen your knowledge. The webinars will be approachable and conversational with personal reflections from the contributors and plenty of time for questions and answers. You can join for an individual webinar or the full series: 

  • Expansion and Contraction, Tuesday 18 October 7-9pm (GMT): Two-foldness can be seen in processes of lime & silica, form substance, and through the spray preparations. This webinar will explore 2-foldness in these different processes and in the plant. It relates to Agriculture lectures 1, 2 & 4. Nir Halfon and Alysoun Bolger leading discussion.

  • Biodynamic Chemistry, Thursday 17 November 7-9pm (GMT): Related to working with the 4 chemical elements: H, N, C, O and the alchemical process of protein synthesis. It also gives a window in understanding the 4 kingdoms and 4 main bodies. This webinar relates to Agriculture lecture 3. Jonathan Code leading discussion.

  • Biodynamic Preparations, Thursday 19 January 7-9pm (GMT): Explore the use and purpose of the biodynamic preparations and peppers as presented in the Agriculture Course. The way different ingredients, treatments and use are described in lectures 4, 5 and 6. Claire Hattersley and Harry Astley leading discussion.

  • Farm Organism & Animal Nutrition, Thursday 16 February 7-9pm (GMT): We will discuss the idea of the self-sustained farm organism as presented in Agriculture lectures 2, 7 and 8. How does the farm organism come together through the diversity of different biomes in the land? Forces working from above and below. Dan Powell and Andre Tranquilini leading discussion.

Registration is £15 per webinar or £50 for all four.  In addition to the webinar, registration will also give you access to other online resources exploring the topic. 

For full details and to register visit: https://learning.bdacollege.org.uk/bundles/agriculture-course-discussion-series 

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