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Agricultural Justice Project - Help Build an Equitable Food System!

What does a fair farm look like?  The Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) and NOFA—one of AJP’s four founding partners—are seeking farmers across the seven NOFA states to participate in our Fair From Farm to Retail Project. Many farmers face challenges and pressures--wages, benefits, fair prices, a steady market--that keep us from addressing & implementing our shared social justice values as we try to create a just working environment in our relations with employees and with our buyers and to establish & maintain dignified living careers for ourselves, our families, & the workers on our farms.

We are seeking farmers covering various commodities, practices, markets, & sizes, both seasoned farmers willing to impart their experience & wisdom, and new farmers just entering the organic farming community with a sense of fairness already in their hearts, not yet, perhaps, established in their practices.

CLICK HERE today for full project details and the 10 minute Farmer Benchmark Checklist to assess your current social justice practices and to identify where AJP & NOFA can provide the necessary levels of assistance free, including one-on-one, workshops, webinars, & field day events.

Thanks! Louis Battalen & Elizabeth Henderson

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