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Back to Nature My Italian Wine Adventure Kickstarter

Back to Nature My Italian Wine Adventure Kickstarter


Why Back to Nature?  

I would love our beautiful planet, mother earth to survive. It needs people that take custody over area’s and help it thrive, like natural winegrowers do. I dream of a world without chemicals, for starters in the vineyards and the wine cellar! Natural resistance in the vineyards -and your body while giving it the nutrients it deserves. My main values are Nature, Connection with the source and authenticity. I really want that my knowledge of Italian wines and of biological, biodynamical and natural wines contributes to a more conscious choice. All/Everything is energy, in natural wines you can find /feel that energy, thats' what is making it so different.

Barla , one of the most beuatiful natural vineyards -Case Corini
Barla , one of the most beuatiful natural vineyards -Case Corini

The book is a personal tale of travelling throughout Italy  for 10 months and counting... and visiting winemakers, their beautiful vineyards and along the way converting from also conventional to fully choosing organic, biodynamic and natural wines and why it would be beneficial to all for you to do also.

Francesco Garfagna from Altura & me
Francesco Garfagna from Altura & me

There are already books about Natural wines in general. And there exist also some small guides about Italian Natural wines, but the last ones don’t even have pictures in it and are very concise. My journey is more personal with all the visits and encounters. I am zooming in on Italy’s peculiarities off young people that look for abandoned old vines, to cure and recuperate them, the craziness of heroic winemaking, wines made in terracotta and stone, macerated wines… there is so much going on.

Natural wine colours: Camerlengo, Basilicata
Natural wine colours: Camerlengo, Basilicata

I want to convey the passion, the beauty, the love for the land, the old vines, the wonderful winemakers and their great wines.  I did a lot of research on my account... Spending over €40.000 for sure, did write peaces for a Dutch editor but he wanted it to be about conventional wines, I pulled the plug and restarted. Decided to go in English to broaden my audience, so it needs translation,editing and it would be great to have also a version in Italian since I am living here and it's about them crazy winemakers.

Calafata, Lucchese area, old vine
Calafata, Lucchese area, old vine

 What’s in the book?  

  • 1.1 Introduction/ My personal story- how I fell in love with Italy/ Italian wines/ natural wines  
  • 1.2 General (winemaking?) history and some numbers about organic/bd/natural winemaking in Italy  
  • 1.3 What is organic wine and how does it differ from conventional wine?  
  • 1.4 What is biodynamic wine ?  
  • 1.5 What is natural wine? ‘They’ say it doesn’t exist so…  
  • 1.6 Old vines- keepers/ custody of the Earth!
  • 1.7 Mountain wines- ‘heroic’ wines- Italy is very diverse in many ways also the different winemaking regions. Many things that sets them apart, but what does unite them?  
  • 1.8 Seaview wines- which can be heroic as well. Same question(s). 
  • 1.9 Vulcanic wines- the majestic Etna of course comes to mind, but there are more former/old volcanic soil territories 

Etna old vine
Etna old vine
  • 2.0 Ways/vessels  of fermenting and aging: cement, terracotta, porcelain and more
  • 3.0 - forgotten & nearly extinct grapevarieties on the rise
  • 4.0– : All the twenty regions portrayed : general, climate /terroirwise, grapevarieties, doc’s and portraits of winemakers that stand out.
  • 5.0- Favorite bubbles, whites, orange, rosato's, reds, dessertwines

250 - 300 pages in total (depends also on if the Italian translation will be inlcuded in the book or apart)

Who is this book for:

  • It's for you if you are a wine lover and want to learn a lot more about Italian wines and like to make conscious choices that are both good for the planet and your health
  • If you work in the sector as sommelier, wine buyer or seller, importer, educator etc and want to add to your knowledge
  • If you don't time, money, oppurtunity to travel around in Italy to visit the regions, wine makers and wine fairs

About me:

Fulltime in Italy since 2014, partly traveling around for visits to wine fairs, events and winemakers.

  • Blogging for my own site www.divinonatura.com 
  • Wine advice given / written for the menus of Il Giornale, see ilgiornale.nl (2012/2013?) 
  • Written (in Italian) for naturalfoodandwine.com 
  • Written about wines for tear-off calendar Italy (Dutch 2015?) 
  • Advisor for selection / import of organic wines for Pura Passione e.a.
  • Worked as wine consultant for the Kasteelhoeve (2008-2010)
  • Organizer of wine (& gastronomy) trips in Italy since 2007 
  • Offering Italian wine courses since 2011 (since a few years online)
  • Offering Italian wine tastings and workshops since 2008
  • Italian sommelier AIS since January 2009 (first batch 2008) .
  • Tourguide in Italy

My plan & schedule:

Writing & further research & Pictures: 5 more months till March/ April. I've already written 40% of the final book. I've drawn up a realistic schedule for completion: Nov- March '19 : Writing, Shooting photos, completing research, Complete writing of the book & photo post-processing Early April 2019 : Editing and text revisions (further photo post-processing if necessary) Mid April: Layout and design Mai: Proofs and printing   July : Printing complete. Books delivered to Netherlands & Italy July 2019 : All copies sent out by end July/ beginning of August.

First minimum goal is € 19.000

Its the same as here under only without the costs for further research & travelling to visit more wineries.

Costs breakdown: €25.000

Costs breakdown
Costs breakdown

Design, artwork, layout: € 3.000 Editing: € 2.000 Photography: € 2.000 Printing: € 7.000 purchase of fonts: € 150 The ISBN number: € 64 costs centraal boekhuis € 720 Translation /correction (Dutch doing English needs work)    € 1.500 Promotion: € 2.000 Further Travel for research-visiting wineries  in areas that I missed so far: € 6.500 .Kickstarter’s fee (5%) and payment processing fees (3%–5%) will be deducted from  my total.

€30.000 STRETCH: to enable a translation into Italian

I sincerly hope to manage to get funded for €30.000 so I can get the book translated into Italian, which would be logical thing to do!

I hope you all join and back me up so I can make this dream come true and do 'justice' to all the tales & pictures that are to be told and shown to the world.

As far as the offers go: if you would like something else than mentioned , please email me and I'll see if I can add the possbility. 

Also for different countries to see if I can send it to you!

You can mail me at : vino@divinonatura.nl 

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