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Biodynamic Apprentice in Upstate New York

Main Responsibilities

A leader in biodynamic agriculture, Camphill Village's gardens and farm reflect the cyclical aspect of nature that coincides with community festivals. The Village is a model for sustainable living and social renewal. You will be asked to become part of a team of co-workers and adults with developmental disabilities who live and work together. An apprentice is a volunteer who commits to at least one year of service, with a primary focus on biodynamic farming or gardening.

Main Duties

We can offer apprenticeships in biodynamic seed growing. Apprentices stay a minimum of one year, although for a full learning experience, it is recommended to stay for at least two years. As apprentices will participate fully in the life of the community, we can only accept people who have previous Camphill experience or who have lived in Camphill Village for at least three months in order to make sure that this is the type of training they are looking for.

Required Skills and Knowledge

Enough background and experience to form the basis of on-going, on-the-job training in working and living with adults with developmental disabilities. Willingness to take responsibility, the ability to work with process and consensus, and the qualities of positivity, love of people, emotional maturity, enthusiasm, and health are important, including the physical ability to do land work, which can include heavy lifting.

Basic Living Needs

You will be given a single room in a life sharing house community, board, monthly allowance, and medical insurance from your arrival until your departure. Dental coverage is not provided for the first year of volunteer service. For a one year commitment, 3 weeks vacation time is provided.

How to apply:

Go to https://camphillvillage.org/volunteer/ (link is external) and fill out the online application or email volunteer@camphillvillage.org (link sends e-mail).

See what our coworkers have to say about us. https://vimeo.com/254012611

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