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Biodynamic Distance Learning Course and Agriculture Study Group - Edu Care Do

Edu Care Do (educaredo.org) is a self-awakening distance learning course based in the foundations of Anthroposophy, a path of knowledge leading the spiritual in the human being into conscious relationship with the spiritual in the universe. This path helps us to become conscious of our humanity and to develop ourselves to be in better service to the world and the questions and challenges of our time.

The lessons are clearly written and illustrated, in simple language, with experiments, exercises, and activities, and include the basis of meditative work. The path is based in direct experience and works to grow our capacities to work with spiritual realities in a living and scientific manner. All are welcome to join; no prior experience or knowledge is needed. The course is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

The course and study group will help you explore:

  • Who the human being is in relation to the world.

  • How we can find our purpose and tasks in life, collectively and individually.

  • How we can work with and strengthen our collegial and personal relationships.

  • How we can work to understand the challenges we face in a new light.

  • How we can bring understanding towards many social and food justice issues, helping to bring health to relationships among cultures, class, race, gender and sex, political parties, and many other polarized issues.

  • How we can bring insight and healing to ourselves, our communities, and the earth.

The course provides a coordinated, organized, and easy to understand journey into Anthroposophy, which is the wisdom and path of knowledge that stands behind biodynamic agriculture, as well as other initiatives in education, medicine, social work, economics, and more.

In our study group sessions we will focus on how the lessons relate to biodynamic agriculture, though other topics are also welcome as the lessons cover a variety of foundational topics that can serve any field of work.

We will explore how we can deepen and broaden our relationships with the life of the land, of our farms and gardens, and of all that lives and unfolds within these smaller ecosystems. We will also look to larger scale systems of interest, including the marketplace, our larger community contexts, and the climatic and other changes taking place on Earth and in relationship to the cosmos.

The lessons are emailed every other week over the course of a year (26 lessons) and are worked through individually with guidance from a tutor who offers feedback and helps to answer participant questions. In addition, there is a study group that will meet via video/phone conferencing (Zoom) on a monthly basis.

The course begins simply and builds in complexity as the lessons progress. An outline of the lessons can be found here, and a list of the lessons along with a sample lesson can be found here. They include The Human Being in its relationship to the World, the Care and Development of the Senses, Male and Female Spirituality, the Kingdoms of Nature, the Four Elements and Ethers, The Arts and their Mission, Ecology-Society-Economy, Introduction to Biography Work, Cosmology and Astronomy, Health and Nutrition, and Agriculture.

The cost for the EduCareDo Course and Study group is $300 ($265 if we get a large enough group signed up). We already have a number of people who are interested in participating. Please contact Anthony Mecca at AnthonyMecca7@gmail.com for further details on enrolling. If funds are an issue, please get in touch and we can work something out. Please enroll ASAP – our first group will meet June 12, and then the Second Monday of each Month.

The EduCareDo organization is volunteer run, with no additional charge for the study group. All surpluses are donated to community development initiatives including the Y Project, a gifted service to support any young person 16 to 26 years old who wants to engage in their development and/or their place in their community, as well as the Anthroposophical Prison Initiative.

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