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Biodynamic Farming and Destiny Path Student Program- Ecuador
Sacred Land Farm, a diversified biodynamic farm, is located in the beautiful  mountains of southern Ecuador. The program is offered by the owners Susan and Walter Moora and their partner Cristian Ojeda.
We share our life's experience in a revitalizing mix of  biodynamic farming, destiny-path tutoring, community living and reconnecting to Earth. We have a two-acre intensive garden with vegetables and fruit trees and ten acres of rolling pastures.We try to be self-sufficient  enjoying our own vegetables, fruits, fresh milk and cheese, fish, eggs and honey.
As part of the program, Susan offers free private conversations on manifesting your life’s destiny path, based on forty years of expertise. (See The Trojan Horse of Love,  at :hhttp://capitalmissions.com/TrojanHorseofLove.pdf)
Walter has farmed biodynamically for forty-five years and is still active as a farmer. He shares his knowledge about biodynamic  and permaculture farming and delves into the sacredness of Earth and humankind's evolutionary path. 
Cristian, our Ecuadorian partner, is knowledgeable in local crops and medicinal plants.  He is bilingual and enjoys tutoring in Spanish.
We share meals in community, as Susan teaches community-building skills while Walter teaches farming and the formative forces of the etheric world.
This one-month course will allow you to reconnect to the earth and deepen your understanding of your own place and journey through life. 
The next workshops are:
Monday June 5th to 30th.
Monday August 7th to Sept. 1st
For more detailed information, see FincaSagrada.com or email WalterMoora@gmail.com.
Only $490 for our 4-week course which includes room and board.
“I came to Vilcabamba to do Walter´s biodynamic workshop with the intention to gain a better understanding of biodynamic farming and earth spirituality, and I left with so much more; it was more than I could have ever imagined!  The workshop was a comprehensive blend of experiential learning and group lecture, sprinkled with meditations, yoga classes, and various discussions ranging from homeopathy to mind consciousness.  The land itself is truly magical, and so were the people I met!  The workshop was definitely a turning point in my life, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of such an enlivening and enriching experience.”

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