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Biodynamic MicroFarm in the Midwest with brick 3 BR,  2 BA House available

Biodynamic MicroFarm in the Midwest with brick 3 BR,  2 BA House available

The land has received biodynamic preparations for 10 years, it has been resting for the past 4. It is in Northeast Ohio,  near Akron.

It is ideal for a family or group of individuals interested in embarking on a farming/homesteading adventure. Across the street from a Waldorf School, serving pre-k -8th.

In the field, French biointensive methods were used with hand double-dug raised rows.

There is a cob oven, pond and asparagus patch.

There is a large chicken coop,  rabbit hutches, goat shed with milking stand within a 1/4 acre fenced in animal yard. Three beehives hosted multiple colonies that swarmed each year.

In addition to existing fruit, sassafras and willow trees, there are roses,  peonies,  amaranth and a multitude of bulbs and various flowers.

The land served fifty families in a biodynamic CSA which had a waiting list with thrice as many. I would welcome the possibility of guiding/mentoring those dedicated to biodynamic farming and sustainable agriculture as this opportunity has great income earning potential.

The lovely brick house itself has two bedrooms and a full bath upstairs. The main floor has a rectangular living room,  sun room,  kitchen, breakfast nook and was remodelled to include a third bedroom and large full bath that accommodates handicapped. Well water serves this land and there is aware filtration system in the house.

Anthroposophy is strong in northeast Ohio and biodynamoc agriculture supported.

This was the the seat of a vibrant biodynamic farm that included a CSA, a biodynamic study group, internship and mentoring programs,  community outreach programs,  workshops on sustainability,  composting,  urban gardening (Akron is 15 mins. away), beekeeping, etc., drawing people of all ages, walks of life, looking for a deeper connection to nature and the earth.

If you feel called to grow,  deeply study the plant kingdom,  live in harmony with nature,  learn and teach about food,  for yourself or others, or simply fantasize about a mini-Findhorn,  do not hesitate to make inquiries:

(424) 346-2703


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