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Biodynamic Student program –Visit Ecuador to Learn Biodynamic Farming and Living Simply While Discerning your Life Path

A Four Week Biodynamic Farming Program
Biodynamic Student program – Visit Ecuador to Learn Biodynamic Farming and Living Simply While Discerning your Life Path
Courses start April 24th and June 5th  2017

Sacred Land Farm (FincaSagrada.com) offers a mix of earth-friendly biodynamic farming practices, permaculture and life-path tutoring.   Join us in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador close to the storied village of Vilcabamba. We have a 1,200 acre farm, including a two-acre intensive garden with fruit trees, ten rolling acres of irrigated pastures, milk cows, goats, burros, chickens, and bees.
This is a great way to get an introduction to Biodynamic farming from Walter, a biodynamic farmer of forty years and taking time out to think about your life with the help of Susan. You will also experience how simple and enjoyable life can be by removing yourself from your everyday life and experiencing another culture.
We offer a four-week internship of living close to the land in harmony with nature and growing your own biodynamic food. Woven into this will be the opportunity to explore your own highest possibilities in the world while enjoying our collaborative living practices, you’ll gain insight into your highest possibilities among life paths. Farm partner Susan Davis has founded more than 40 innovation networks ranging from organics and solar to social investing, women’s economic empowerment and consciousness. She teaches how to hear your intuition more clearly to take risks around your values to find your optimal life path, tailoring each program to the individual. See KINSinnovation.org, which also offers her free book, The Trojan Horse of Love.
We have solar power and internet, living simply and working by hand.  We live and share meals in community where you will develop personal and collaboration skills, not to mention inter-cultural education and learning Spanish.
Expectations of Course Participants.
This is a hands-on living experience with three hours of classes per week and lots of personal time with Susan and Walter, the owners and presenters.  In addition, course participants will have the opportunity to learn practical skills such as preparing beds for planting, animal care and the use of biodynamic preparations under the supervision of Cristian or Walter, your teachers.
Weekends are free and many participants enjoy going to Vilcabamba for the weekend.
The cost is $290  ($10 per day) for the four-week course .   For more detailed information, see the course page at FincaSagrada.com or contact Walter Moora at WalterMoora@gmail.com.  If students wish they can stay longer to deepen their experience at a reduced cost.

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