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Blossom's Farms need some help!

Delmar McComb is a Biodynamic Association member, co-leader of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California, and a biodynamic farmer, nursery manager, and educator. He suffered a heart attack on July 10 and spent several days in intensive care. In addition to our thoughts and prayers, contributions are needed support his medical bills and recovery.


From the Go Fund Me campaign:

On the evening of 7/10, shortly after returning home from work, Delmar went into sudden cardiac arrest. His partner, Carin did CPR until the paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital where the doctors had to stimulate his heart to keep it pumping.  After spending several days in the ICU hooked up and sedated, he is now awake and without without tubes. The doctors are still running tests to determine why this happened. We are hopeful that he will return home soon to convalesce with Carin as his caregiver but his process and time for recovery are still largely unknown as we find out more. This medical crisis has left Delmar and Carin in dire need of financial help due to impending sizable medical bills and loss of income during recovery.  Please consider helping out.

Delmar and Carin have Blossoms Farm, a biodynamic farm in Corralitos, CA producing herbal medicines from their land and teaching about biodynamics along the way.  Delmar is active in the international biodynamic movement and helps to spread these practices through Blossoms as well as his influence at Suncrest Nursery in Watsonville, where he works.  Delmar is also an accomplished opera singer (he recently stared in La Boeme in Santa Cruz while working a full time job and farming!), father of two, and beloved community member.  

Please help ease the stress of this sudden setback, maintain the momentum of Blossoms Farm, and let Carin and Delmar know that you and the community around them care.

See the good work they do here: Blossom's Farm

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