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Campers helping Farmers - List your farm

To all the farmers in North America,

My name is Robert Becker. I have built a website to help farmers find help by an exchange of services on your farm. There are over one million individuals in RVs touring America and they look for a new exciting place to camp for one or more nights in the countryside. They are willing to exchange work for a free night(s) stay or purchase your products. This would assist you, the farmer with beneficial help and at the same time provide a new experience for the traveling camper.

This co-op will benefit both parties simultaneously. I am reaching out to as many farmers including: Wineries, Breweries, Tourist Sites, Museums, Fruit And Vegetable Farms, Organic Farms, Flowers Or Herbs Gardens, Lavender Farms, different Animal Farms or homesteaders all over U.S. and Canada. You can place a listing of your farm along with a photo on http://www.campershelpingfarmers.com/ website for FREE. 

Please have a look at the website and read over the Terms of use Farmers at the bottom of the page to see the requirements to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us; campershelpingfarmers@gmail.com

Best regards,

Robert Becker

President of Campers Helping Farmers.com

POST YOUR FARM HERE: http://campershelpingfarmers.com/users/psignup​

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