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Collaborative Farming Opportunity in the Mountains of Ecuador

A Unique Offering of a Biodynamic Collaborative Farm in the Glorious Mountains of Ecuador.

For the past eleven years, we have been manifesting a biodynamic  community farm in the mountains of southern Ecuador

We are looking for people, particularly a farm couple, with various skills to support our Sacred Land Farm (FincaSagrada.com)  

We have held very successful conferences and workshops on the farm that have four themes:   biodynamics, collaborative communities, sacred sites and “the condor and the eagle fly as one.”   This signifies what powerful gifts the cultures of the North and the South can be to each other.

We have been told by various key people, including the Kogi  http://www.alunathemovie.com/the-kogi/ that our valley was once a sacred site and needs to be restored to its former function as a healing place for Earth. The Kogi, who have visited 3 times, tell us this is now being accomplished.

We are looking for working persons with these skills:   

  • biodynamic expertise, 
  • enjoy living in community, 
  • social media skills,
  • organizational skills for running workshops and our volunteer and student programs
  • desire to work with indigenous groups like the Kogi of Columbia and the Palta of Ecuador related to the sacred site on our farm

We are also open to sharing our unique farm with people who want to be part of this community without the work requirements but with financial contributions.

Key Information:

Life in Ecuador is very different from the rush of the North. We have been able to establish a lifestyle that is more balanced without many of the financial and other pressures usually associated with farming and making a living.

Our farm is a combination of stewarding a sacred site while enjoying the protection of a biodynamic farm and a supportive community. Already we are being asked to share these experiences with others through a student program, a volunteer program and workshops wherein we include indigenous groups such as the Palta and Kogi. 

There are high partnership possibilities for you, as we are looking to withdraw from the day-to-day running of the farm and community into a role as supporting elders.  You would also work in collaboration with our Ecuadorian partners.   At least some Spanish is desired (our Ecuadorian partner speaks excellent English).

Your salary would be based on the Ecuadorian economy, sufficient for all. 

This could be a wonderful opportunity to create a sustainable lifestyle in Ecuador within a community setting.   Vilcabamba’s weather and healthy environment may be among the best in the world.  Further, our small town has attracted visionaries and experts in widely-varied subjects from around the world.   Healers from widely varied fields now proliferate.  

We are Walter Moora, author of A Farmer’s Love about biodynamics and Susan Davis Moora, author of The Trojan Horse of Love (offered free at http://capitalmissions.com/TrojanHorseOfLove.pdf.    I (Walter) have farmed bio-dynamically on four continents and Susan has manifested more than 30 innovation networks in sustainability as described in her book.

If this description resonates with you, please go to our website FincaSagrada.com and/or get in touch with Walter Moora at WalterMoora@gmail.com.   

You can also check out Walter’s book, A Farmer’s Love, available on Amazon or Susan Davis Moora’s FREE book athttp://capitalmissions.com/TrojanHorseOfLove.pdf

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