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Elder Biodynamic Practitioner/Mentor/Researcher seeks Fellowship & Opportunity to Collaborate with Life’s Work

“The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of love by the beings evolving upon it.”                                                                                                                              

                                                                                       -- Rudolf Steiner

Barbara has worked with the subtle energies and rhythms of the land for as long as she can remember. By planting seeds of faith and hope into the collective mission of love for the earth, she aspires to collaborate and serve through direct experience as it evolves in the moment. She assists others to attune their thinking, feeling and willing forces with the rhythms and patterns of the natural world with the benevolent cosmic creative energies as Guiding Source. Barbara brings beauty, goodness, love and healing to the land, which bestows the human community with an awakened and heartfelt sense of belonging. Her focus is on right livelihood, a sane and healthy legacy for the Planet and future generations through stewardship and conscious composting that yield soil fertility and nutrient dense food giving rise to human and planetary health and consciousness.

Barbara has inspired students and faculty at colleges, in communities, farms and with individuals to work in their environment with the biodynamic principles, which are Rudolf Steiner’s legacy of sacred agriculture. She has consulted and given hands-on workshops throughout the United States, Canada and South Africa.  

Needs include in-kind exchange for food, housing, internet capacity and a personal garden space. Preference for western regions although all responses considered. Further details upon request.

Email: Barbara@soulmedicinejourney.com

Webportal: http://www.soulmedicinejourney.com

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