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Employment Wanted:Seeking opportunity to assist in preparation of medicants, remedies, botanicals, or facial/body products


Focus Ahead:

  • To expand and deepen what I have garnered about beauty and Nature into new experiences, discoveries and skills
  • To enrich my understanding of therapeutic principles
  • To grow my potential and abilities in restorative and therapeutic arts
  • To further my experience in the process of transforming medicinal herbs and other natural products into healing products
  • To optimize the life supporting influence of rhythm and continuity


Life comes from Life.  There is a reciprocal and rejuvenating connection bonding human nature to gaian nurture. Ultimately and practically this dynamic romance is what sustains us, allowing us to grow and thrive. Her well being is our well being and we can trust Gaia-Sophia to teach us what we need to know. I am the proprietor of Terra Flora, a garden design-build landscape firm in Santa Fe, NM. Whatever the style in romancing the regional, our essential aim is creating a visual cohesiveness – a setting at ease with its surroundings. By thoughtful design, thorough cultivation and a beautiful and resilient plant palette, we marry inspiration with sustainability. I have distributed locally produced Biodynamic compost for 18 years for use in our landscapes and for the community. Please visit the writings page of gardengaia.com for articles and reviews. As part of the greater community of Biodynamic practitioners, my aim is to strengthen and support balanced life force in the soil. To provide the ground work in building a soil-plant partnership, we bring our attention to improving the receptive capacities of the soil - its vitality, mobility and resilience, its inner structure. This process is enhanced by the quality of balanced life forces found in Biodynamic compost. As Dr. Steiner indicated, the BD preparations "organize the compost." Their properties lead the aerobic fermentation in an optimizing direction, while regulating moisture and temperature. The organic matter is more thoroughly digested, influencing formation of stabilized humus; a nutrient and microbial rich, moisture retaining, deep fertility soil component. After all humus is a state of matter. In my romancing and reverence of beauty, I marvel at the power gained in doing just that!

Please refer to my website  www.gardengaia.com for experience with garden design

Education:  Beverly Hills High School  (mid 60's)
                   Santa Monica Community College   (late 60's)
                   Exotica Seed and Nursery-intro to Biodynamics (1976-78)
                   Emerson College, Forest Row, England  (1997 & early 2000)
Coastal California, Hawaii,  Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
                    Western Europe, Bali and some of Australia

My contact info is: Maggie Lee, oceansmaggie@gmail.com

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