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Farm Internships, Spring Honey Extraction 2018, Position Offered

Maui Bees is currently seeking an individual or couple to fill a permanent staff position on our lovely 4-acre farm. Initially the position has a one month trial period and becomes six month internship work-trade with a stipend. After six months, if it’s a match for you and for us the position will become a permanent work trade with pay that is commensurate with your abilities. We are a community minded farm built on labor intensive natural farming. We milk cows and goats for “on farm” consumption, manage vegetables and orchards, keep 150 laying hens and approximately 175 colonies of honey bees. We have a farm stand and serve the Maui community with vegetables, eggs and honey as well as participate in some farmers markets.

We are just completing a second farm dwelling to expand our housing. Future plans are to build a commercial kitchen and food establishment which will create new markets for our value added products and serve our community with all natural prepared food. We believe in creating a compassionate farming community that serves the greater community. Applicants need to be flexible and love to work. We are omnivores so vegans or vegetarians need not apply.

A typical day at Maui Bees starts at 6:30 A.M. with milking and barn chores and is followed by breakfast and our daily farm meeting where we discuss the day’s focus of work to be done. Work may include maintenance, mowing, weeding, planting, watering as well as animal husbandry. There may also be kitchen work creating value added products or taking turns creating the daily kitchen lunch that is provided for all the staff. Twice a year in May and November all staff pitches in to help with honey extraction which lasts about 2 weeks.

There is much to learn and many ways an individual can grow into being more of who they are here at the farm. Years ago we realized that the primary focus of Maui Bees is “our staff”, the people who live and work here. Our second essential focus is the soil of the farm. From there the husbandry of the soil naturally flows into the animals, vegetables and products, which serves the greater community. If you are looking for a party atmosphere, a place to chill out or somewhere to live while you are on your surfing vacation in Hawaii, we are NOT the place for you! Everyone here works long hours and we love it. For those with children; at this time we are unable to to accommodate children, perhaps by 2019 we will have the necessary housing for staff with children. We are strictly non-smokers, do not use alcohol or drugs of any kind. We already have many animals and farm pets here on the farm so your pets are not allowed. If you are interested in our hard working lifestyle and want to share our vision then lets talk. Please email our farm manager Lea at lea@mauibees.com and we will send you a questionnaire and application.

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