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Farmers Needed (MD,VA,DE)

This is a very rural area, but within a few hours of some of the major markets. There's a lot of land available here, including land in conservation easements. There are many land owners seeking regenerative practices and just need passionate farmers to take charge here.

My name is Stewart Lundy. I am seeking farmers to join us on the Eastern Shore and change how farming is done here. More than 90% of the land here is agricultural zoning, but almost no animals (aside from poultry CAFOs) are raised at all. The soil is so easy to work that it is called "the land of easy living." But as with many regions of the US, farmers here are aging and new approaches are needed to encourage new farmers.

I'd like to do what I personally can to connect aspiring farmers, particularly graduates of the biodynamic apprenticeship program (though not exclusively). If you are interested in finding land to work here, send me an email at: sklundy@gmail.com and make me a pitch, almost as if you were writing a grant. Why would YOU be a unique choice for improving the land and putting it to productive use? And why do you want to be HERE? If you can answer those questions, I'd like to talk to you a bit more and see about connecting you with some land-rich but farmer-poor people in the area.

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