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Farming Positions Available in Vancouver Island Camphill

We are looking for a motivated, responsible, full-time Biodynamic Farmer for our 100-acre farm.  We are also looking for a Biodynamic Gardener to manage our 3 acre garden using biodynamic practices.

Glenora Farm is a life-sharing and income-sharing community, which includes adults with developmental challenges, located on Vancouver Island.  The farm activities include overseeing hay fields, farm animals, vegetable gardens and potential for a dairy and orchard.  The Farmer is responsible for the farm aspects of Glenora Farm following biodynamic principles and works closely with the Gardener who manages the vegetable gardens. With the farm and garden as the primary responsibilities, both positions are integrated and full members of the Glenora Farm Community.  Hours are flexible and seasonal and coordination is required for the use of shared tools and other resources.

Applicants should have four years or more experience and/ Biodynamic training and be willing to work with others.

To inquire, please send a letter of interest and resume to: admissions@glenorafarm.org.

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